After President Kennedy’s passing.

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Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

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Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s Russian ‘workbook’. 1894-1895.


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What do you mean you don’t like Prince Charles? 
↳ Prince Charles presenting the weather forecast for BBC Scotland.

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→ Marie Antoinette + Scenery

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The Grand Duchesses dancing

At the beginning of the summer of 1914 the Imperial Yacht “Standart” started its traditional annual cruise, this will be the last quiet holiday to Nicholas and Alexandra before the start of the First World War. The Grand Duchesses dancing on the deck of Standart with officers of the Imperial Yacht.

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Prince Charles and Princess Anne at his fifth birthday party

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The Queen releases home movies from her childhood in honour of the Royal Childhood Exhibition at Buckingham Palace. [x]

MTV Cribs with Louis XVI

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