Queen Mary and her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth, 1946.

GET TO KNOW ME MEME || (1/7) royal fancasts: Rosamund Pike as Empress Matilda

Empress Matilda/Maude or Matilda of England was the only legitimate daughter of King Henry I of England and Matilda of Scotland. Her younger brother William Adelin’s untimely death left Henry I without a successor and therefore he designated Matilda his heir. At the time of her father’s death in 1135, Matilda was in Normandy, pregnant with her third son, which gave her cousin, Stephen of Blois, the opportunity to seize the throne for himself. The rivalry between Matilda and Stephen led to years of civil war and unrest - a period of time later known as The Anarchy - which ended with Stephen eventually agreeing to name her eldest son, Henry, as his successor. Matilda was the first female ruler of England but during her short-lived regency in 1141, Matilda was neither crowned nor did she manage to consolidate her rule, instead she assumed the title “Lady of the English”.


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Two fans belonging to any of the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) of Russia: Grand Duchesses Olga (1895-1918), Tatiana (1897-1918), Maria (1899-1918) and Anastasia (1901-1918).

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At Sea, Nicholas worked two days a week. The other five he relaxed. In the morning, he rowed ashore to take long walks through the wild Finnish forest. When the Standart moored near the country estate of a Russian or Finnish nobleman, the owner might awake to find the Tsar at his door asking politely if he might use a court for tennis. Sometimes Nicholas walked alone with his children, searching the woods for mushrooms or wandering down a beach looking for bright-colored rocks.”

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra


Paintings by GD Olga Alexandrovna.


Dad’s "Little Dear One"

Ted Kennedy playing with his daughter Kara.


Anastasia Nikolaevna (my scan from Four Sisters) and the well-known photo where all the Grand Duchesses wear the same dress.

A gorgeous contemporary painting of daughters of Nicholas II. 


Tatiana and an officer